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The Trustworthiness Research Alliance

Related Associations

The Trust Project at

Northwestern University

The Trust Project at Northwestern University aims to create a unique body of knowledge about Trust by connecting scholars and executives from diverse backgrounds to share ideas and research.

First International Network

on Trust

The First International Network on Trust was created in 2001 at the EIASM Workshop on 'Trust Within and Between Organizations' in Amsterdam as a group of academics and practitioners from around the globe who are interested in the study of trust.

Journal of Trust Research

As an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural journal dedicated to advancing a cross-level, context-rich, process-oriented, and practice- relevant journal, JTR provides a focal point for an open dialogue and debate between diverse researchers, thus enhancing the understanding of trust in general and trust-related management in particular, especially in its organizational and social context in the broadest sense.

Center for Trust Studies

The mission of the Center for Trust Studies is to support research on trust; to develop new course materials and workshops on trust; and to disseminate findings from academic trust research to business and society